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  NY DJIA 17,966 0.80%
  NY NASDAQ 5,122 8.16%
  London FTSE 6,845 4.25%
  Tokyo Nikkei 20,846 19.46%
  Shanghai SSE 4,681 39.73%
  Frankfurt DAX 11,480 17.07%
  Paris CAC 40 5,042 17.99%
  Singapore SGX 3,352 -0.38%
  Malaysia KLSE 1,724 -2.07%
  Thailand SET 1,518 1.42%
  GBP 0.64 0.71
  JPY 123.67 138.74
  EUR 0.89 -
  USD - 1.12
  CNY 6.21 6.97
  CAD 1.24 1.39
  AUD 1.29 1.45
  HKD 7.75 8.70
  Gold $1,176.00 -0.68%
  Brent Crude $63.62 15.11%
  Silver $15.89 1.34%
  Platinum $1,079.19 -10.66%
  Natural Gas $2.76 -8.31%
  Wheat $522.00 -11.43%
    Updated On 25-06-2015
The Questor Global Fund Update
Be the first to see the biggest movers in the offshore fund universe. This page is updated monthly so you can see which managers are producing the best risk adjusted returns.
International Schools & Expatriate teachers
Generally speaking, teachers have excellent state pension schemes. Unfortunately, this all stops, for a time at least, when teachers take jobs outside their home country.
Morningstar Fund Research
The offshore investment universe consists of over 20,000 funds. Trying to sort out the good from the bad can be a time consuming and often perilous journey.
UK Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS)
Whether your aim is to release money tied up in your UK pension, grow your pension fund or simply make your pension more tax efficient, Questor will work with you to build the best possible solution.
Mar 2015
The world is rapidly running out of water back firms pioneering ways to recycle whats left and you stand to make big gains, says Matthew Partridge.
Feb 2015
UK Property has returned to the attention of investors this year so FE Trustnet looks at which ones are rated highly from an income point of view.
Oct 2014
With some experts worrying about the size of M&G Global Dividend, IBOSS Chris Metcalfe tells FE Trustnet why he prefers to use the Invesco Perpetual Global Equity Income fund instead.
Sep 2014
Keeping ahead in China: The most consistent China equity funds manager revealed.
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