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  Shanghai SSE 3,199 -1.55%
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    Updated On 21-02-2018
Living overseas carries an insurance risk that is equal to if not greater than living back home, and individuals often fail to take out adequate protection. 

Questor has agreements with numerous insurers based out of the UK and Singapore covering the following:

  • Term Assurance
    This is possibly the easiest way to insure the breadwinner of the family against loss of life. It has the lowest monthly payment and does not carry any form of investment element. Should anything happen to the insured, a lump sum will be paid out to the beneficiary(s).

  • Whole of Life insurance
    This offers the same protection as term assurance but also has an investment element, meaning once you reach a certain age it will pay a stipulated amount of money. Because of this, the monthly premiums are higher than that of term assurance.

  • Critical Illness
    This is generally added as an addition (rider) to either Term Assurance or Whole of Life Assurance. 

  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)
    This is generally added as an addition (rider) to either Term Assurance or Whole of Life Assurance.

  • Health care
    We have terms of business with all of the key international health care providers. You can choose cover that includes international travel for countries such as the US, or simply in the country where you are based.

In certain regions we also have arrangements with local insurers that can help with general & domestic insurance services for vehicle, house and contents. If you would like a comprehensive review of your insurance needs please click here.

Feb 2018
BP’s profits more than doubled in 2017 to $6.2 billion powered by higher prices and output of oil and gas, allowing the company to resume share buybacks as it recovers from a three-year downturn.
Oct 2017
German fund inflows for 2017 already ahead of last year
Oct 2017
Zinc is dull but useful, and it’s in short supply – it’s time to buy!
Mar 2017
Confidence among European and global fund managers is increasing, with many seeing European equities as undervalued as the macro landscape improves.
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