General Saving & Investments

Most individuals working overseas lack access to the same quality of financial advice to which they have grown accustomed back home. Additionally, most expatriates find themselves able to save more money working offshore, and it often becomes a problem finding a secure and efficient place to invest their hard-earned money.

This might be further compounded by the fact that many jurisdictions in the Far East still don’t have a regulatory framework for international financial advisors. The drawback is that in unregulated territories, there is no way of knowing whether you are dealing with a qualified* financial advisor, or with somebody who claims to be a financial advisor but might not have the specific training, expertise or credentials necessary to back up their claim.


Questor Capital is an intermediary between our clients and over 20 of the world’s largest financial institutions based in low-tax, highly regulated jurisdictions such as the Channel Islands, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Singapore. As a company we don’t actually handle our clients’ money, but instead recommend specific institutions based upon our clients’ requirements uncovered during a detailed fact-find. A key benefit in dealing with an independent brokerage is the fact that we are not tied to any one bank or financial institution, and because of this we can offer truly independent advice.


Whether you are interested in something as simple as opening a bank account, or in looking at opportunities to make your surplus money work a bit harder, Questor Capital can help. An introductory meeting with a qualified Questor Consultant would only take 20 minutes of your time, during which we will be able to offer a concise overview of services we provide. Please click here if you would like to see how we can assist you in your financial planning.