Education Planning

Student grants are a distant memory, and as almost half of all school leavers (in Western countries) attend university, many more families face the problem of funding education costs. Unless they want their children to graduate with thousands of pounds worth of debt alongside their degree, they should start saving now.

According to some estimates, tuition fees alone for a three-year course could rise to as much as £24,000 over the next few years; those contemplating a more demanding program will pay even more. And parents should not forget that these costs are per child – many will have to fund two or more through university.

Of course, tuition fees are only part of the problem. There are also accommodation and living costs to pay. According to the National Union of Students (UK), these add up to a further £9,500 a year, on average, at present.

At Questor we have access to both regular savings & lump sum vehicles specifically designed for tax-efficient education planning. We also have access to detailed research showing just how much it will cost to educate your children in the country and institution of your choice.